162 Waihi Road - December 2016

Sale and Purchase agreement completed with Classic Builders for an innovative housing solution for Tauranga - 14 one bedroom units in a special housing accord development. The 63 sqm fully accessible units were ready for the new tenants to move in one week prior to Christmas each. are on approx. 90 sqm of land, in a bid to keep the costs down. The development has communal seating and bbq's situated outside the units, giving residents a place to gather. This will help meet the demand for 1 bedroom housing in Tauranga that is not currently being met by the market.  The tenants in the units are thoroughly enjoying their new home and the friendly community within the development.

Below is an artists impression of some of the housing at the site from Classic Builders


Pyes Pa - October 2009

Purchased three sections in Pyes Pa and completed three 4 bedroom fully accessible dwellings. Target group is families and/or young single people who require an

accessible property.

The demand for

these properties is

very high with all

properties being at

full occupancy

since they were completed in 2007.

Clarke Street - November 2015

TCHT purchased eight ageing 1 bedroom properties from Tauranga City Council's pensioner housing.  Applied for and received a grant from the Social Housing Unit to build an age friendly development with 14 purpose built units as part of a sustainable secure village that is functional for people with mixed ages and abilities. 50% of the dwellings are fully wheelchair accessible.  Construction was completed in November 2015 and they have been fully occupied since, with great outcomes for the new residents.

Building Projects

Kakariki Lodge - December 2013

Leased a 14 one bedroom building from the Salvation Army to provide transitional housing. The lodge will provide medium/ intermedite housing for people that meet TCHT criteria and wish to reside in a communal environment. Residents will have support work through a plan to secure appropriate long-term housing, once they are ready to exit the shelter.



Pensioner Housing Whakatane and Murupara - September 2015

TCHT purchased of Whakatane

District Council's pensioner

housing stock consisting of 72

one bedroom units in Whakatane

and 7 in Murupara effective from 

the 1st of October 2015 and kept

them as social housing for the elderly of Whakatane. We already have plans to develop some blank land at the Alice Stone site with more purpose built units that will be fully accessible, with the overall goal being the redevelopment of the entire stock.


From old units at Clarke St above to new below.

Park Vale - October 2005

TCHT's first project involved the purchase of two sections and building of two purpose designed dwellings. One fully accessible 3 bedroom property and one 4 bedroom property.

Both dwellings

have operated at

98% occupancy 

since being 

completed in 2006.