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Latest Property Stories 

November 2014

14 Unit Clarke St Development opened


October 2015

Purchase of 79 pensioner units from Whakatane District Council

The Lives We Impact

"What's better about this house is that it's in a safer area, a more family-orientated area, as well as - because I don't have a license and a vehicle - everything is in walking distance. Yeah, so it is just makes life so much easier. I was very isolated where I was living, but now I feel like I have freedom, which I think has been key to my recovery." 



  • Access to housing and housing related services
  • Transitional housing
  • Affordable rental housing
  • A specialist housing service for disabled people and their families
  • Housing facilitation service linking people to appropriate housing

Get Involved

We provide a wide range of services to the community in relation to housing. 


Our Mission


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There are many ways you can help, from supplying furniture, to talking to the Trust about marketing your property to its clients, bequeathing money to the Trust, or even volunteer on one of the committees.

Enhancing community wellbeing through the provision of quality, appropriate and affordable housing, and to facilitate and provide housing and related services to people with a serious housing need.

October 2016

14 new 1 bedroom, fully accessible, fully insulated apartments to be completed on Waihi Rd.

“Chris Johnstone and her team have been a godsend. With their support I have gained the independence I thought I was never going to have back again."